On the River: Taking the Boat From Sittwe to Mrauk U in Myanmar

Taking the boat from Sittwe to Mrauk U in Myanmar is an excellent chance to see life along the river. The ferry leaves just as the sun is rising through the mist; seagulls follow the boat as it makes its way from the dock up the river, hoping it will churn up a tasty snack. Cargo and fishing boats pass, some loaded down until they’re barely peeking out of the water, and stops at villages along the way make an interesting diversion.

A Wander Through the Back Streets of Hpa-An, Myanmar

I did the tourist thing in Hpa-An. I took a boat across the river and climbed a big hill to watch the sunset. I took a day trip around to all the cave temples and karst scenery. I visited a popular swimming hole. And when I’d done all that? I wandered. Beyond the market, towards the river, I followed a road down a slight hill, into an area remarkably different from the rest of town.

A crispy treat in Myeik, Burma

Leading up to the big pagoda in Myeik in Southern Burma there’s a street lined with stalls selling everything from sunglasses and longyis to toys and ice cream, and this crispy treat that I don’t know the name of. This man was making them, first by slowly pouring the batter into a wok full of…