Jenny Far Away’s Travel Wish List 2017

Every year Lonely Planet publishes their ‘Best in Travel’ list for the upcoming year, and this time a reader suggested that I should make my own list! At the time he mentioned it, I was actually in the process of seriously thinking about my holidays for the next year or so, so it was timely and appropriate! Of course by just now when I’m getting around to publishing it, it’s the holiday season and everyone is shopping and making Christmas wish lists. I have one too, it’s just not stuff. So here’s Jenny Far Away’s Travel Wish List for 2017!

Nothing to Do Here? I Don’t Believe You!

‘But what are you going to DO here all day?’ the guy asked, and I looked at him like he was crazy. It pisses me off when people say there’s nothing to do in a place. Of course there are things to do, you just have to find them. In fact, I see it as a personal challenge! So here’s my massive list of suggestions for finding things to do when you think there’s nothing to do!

The Road Beneath My Feet: Taking Time Out From Travel for Frank Turner

“To the east, to the east, the road beneath my feet. To the west, to the west, I haven’t got there yet. To the north, to the north, never to be caught. To the south, to the south, my time is running out.”                                                                                  – Frank Turner, The Road     When…