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Western Southland: The ‘Other’ Side of New Zealand’s Southern Scenic Route

NZ’s Southern Scenic Route is more than just the Catlins! That stretch of road is famous for a reason, but what many people don’t realize is that there’s another side to it. The Southern Scenic Route actually extends West of Invercargill along the Southern coast of New Zealand and up to Manapouri. It winds its way through farmland, historical and cultural sights, and past endless gorgeous beaches, with far less tourists around than in other parts of the country.

Six Things I’m Going To Miss About New Zealand

Well it had to happen sooner or later: they’ve kicked me out of New Zealand. Ok, not actually kicked me out. But yes, sort of. I mean I got that email from New Zealand immigration the other day: the one that was sent just to remind me that my visa is expiring and that if I want to stay longer I’d damn well better be making other arrangements. We hope you had a nice time, but now you need to get the hell out. That sorta thing.

Illume Festival: Coromandel Town’s Winter Celebration Of Light

“We all have different taste in women!” the girl exclaimed. Of the three swimsuit lanterns we’d each chosen a different one as our favourite. From nearby we heard the band start up, and we went off to check out the live music, complete with swirling lasers and smoke machine. This was the Illume Festival of Light, when on two of the cold, long nights of winter, the normally quiet Coromandel Town came to life, with lights, lanterns, music, dancing and food.