Alejandro de Humboldt National Park: Cuba’s Masterpiece of Biodiversity

I sighed as once more I yanked my shoes off before making my way slowly into the water. Stepping carefully, I made my way to the other side of the river, trying not to let the current knock me over. I emerged from the water onto the muddy bank and jammed my feet into my shoes. I’d given up on socks three crossings ago and there was no point in bothering to lace my shoes up tight, because just ahead I could see the trail descending to the river once again.

Comandancia de la Plata: Hiking to Fidel’s Secret Mountain Headquarters

Imagine hiding out in the mountains, without electricity, running water, or a consistent food supply. It’s damp and chilly at times, and your hut is made only of thin slabs of wood and a thatched roof. Surrounding your hideaway are soldiers sent by your country’s military to ‘eliminate’ you. You live in a state of caution, immediately alert to sounds from outside of your camp, speaking only in whispers lest you give yourself away. And you’re doing this for more than a year.

Cuba Travel Tips: 28 Ways You Can Make Your Trip Better

I didn’t find Cuba to be the easiest place to travel. Although things are changing fast, there are still difficulties in terms of availability of goods, customer service, and communications. So after spending 37 days in Cuba I feel like I have some advice to offer that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable! Read my Cuba travel tips and learn from my experiences for a great trip!

Cuba Travel Costs: How Much Did I Actually Spend?

Before I went to Cuba I spent a long time trying to answer one question: As a solo traveler, what would be the cost of travel in Cuba for 37 days? I saw estimates everywhere from 25 CUC all the way up to 80 CUC per day! The real number fell somewhere in between those. Check out this article for a full breakdown of all my expenses in Cuba, as well as ideas on how I could have saved some money!

13 Things To Do in Cienfuegos, Cuba

The girl emerged out of the darkness, clad in a bright orange 80’s style evening gown complete with puffy sleeves and long white gloves. She looked around nervously, and I gasped as I heard the opening piano notes. No, it couldn’t be. She raised the microphone and began to sing in a strong Spanish accent. “At first I was afraid, I was petrified….” It was, and I couldn’t stop laughing. This was Cienfuegos, and this was not what I had expected.

Practicalities in Cuba: Queueing, Money, and Internet

The first few days I was in Cuba I spent not just sightseeing, but also just learning the ropes, the basic knowledge needed for traveling in this country. The things that are normally quite easy when we’re abroad, like simply getting money or connecting to wifi, are just not that simple in Cuba. So here’s your ultimate guide to the practicalities in Cuba.