New Zealand Walks for Wimps: Cook’s Cove Walkway

In summer I can imagine Cook’s Cove Walkway is busy, the short trail well trodden by people drawn to this site that is not only stunning but also has a history dating back to 1769. But Cook’s Cove was deserted at this time of year, the chilly grey weather of late July turning people off driving the hour from Gisborne to come here. It was one of the most quiet and peaceful places I’ve ever been.

New Zealand Walks for Wimps: Greenpoint Reserve

The word ‘shipwreck’ invites all kinds of dramatic visions – of raging storms and castaways, deserted tropical islands, and romantic rescues by courageous strapping young sailors. But at Greenpoint Reserve it’s another story. Here you’ll find a ship graveyard – boats were intentionally scuttled here and left to rot. It’s a short, easy walk with lots of birds to see too!

New Zealand Walks for Wimps: Hahei Pa Sites

Suddenly the ocean was surrounding me on three sides. Ahead, it stretched out for miles, all the way to the horizon and beyond my range of vision, interrupted only by a few small islands. To my right it collided with the steep cliffs, carving narrow caves and crevasses in the soft rock. And to my left it was calm and shallow, lapping gently on the bay’s long sandy beach, and I could see right down to the bottom through the swaying kelp and stands of coral.