A Wander Through the Back Streets of Hpa-An, Myanmar

I did the tourist thing in Hpa-An. I took a boat across the river and climbed a big hill to watch the sunset. I took a day trip around to all the cave temples and karst scenery. I visited a popular swimming hole. And when I’d done all that? I wandered. Beyond the market, towards the river, I followed a road down a slight hill, into an area remarkably different from the rest of town.

A small island sits in the blue-green waters of a little bay on the Horseshoe Point Track.

New Zealand Walks for Wimps: Horseshoe Point Track

It was pretty hard to get up. Why would I even want to? Sitting on the pure white sand with my legs stretched out before me, facing the ultra-clear blue water of Dead Man Beach and basking in the warm sunshine, I was very content.. Why move? But I had to, because as glorious as that was, I still had a walk to finish by the end of the day, and I had no idea how much further I needed to go.

Cuba Travel Tips: 28 Ways You Can Make Your Trip Better

I didn’t find Cuba to be the easiest place to travel. Although things are changing fast, there are still difficulties in terms of availability of goods, customer service, and communications. So after spending 37 days in Cuba I feel like I have some advice to offer that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable! Read my Cuba travel tips and learn from my experiences for a great trip!

Standing at the Cook Memorial overlooking Cook's Cove, Tolaga Bay, East Cape, New Zealand

New Zealand Walks for Wimps: Cook’s Cove Walkway

In summer I can imagine Cook’s Cove Walkway is busy, the short trail well trodden by people drawn to this site that is not only stunning but also has a history dating back to 1769. But Cook’s Cove was deserted at this time of year, the chilly grey weather of late July turning people off driving the hour from Gisborne to come here. It was one of the most quiet and peaceful places I’ve ever been.

Cuba Travel Costs: How Much Did I Actually Spend?

Before I went to Cuba I spent a long time trying to answer one question: As a solo traveler, what would be the cost of travel in Cuba for 37 days? I saw estimates everywhere from 25 CUC all the way up to 80 CUC per day! The real number fell somewhere in between those. Check out this article for a full breakdown of all my expenses in Cuba, as well as ideas on how I could have saved some money!