A wooden boardwalk meandering through yellow grasses toward the ocean at Greenpoint Reserve.

New Zealand Walks for Wimps: Greenpoint Reserve

The word ‘shipwreck’ invites all kinds of dramatic visions – of raging storms and castaways, deserted tropical islands, and romantic rescues by courageous strapping young sailors. But at Greenpoint Reserve it’s another story. Here you’ll find a ship graveyard – boats were intentionally scuttled here and left to rot. It’s a short, easy walk with lots of birds to see too!

13 Things To Do in Cienfuegos, Cuba

The girl emerged out of the darkness, clad in a bright orange 80’s style evening gown complete with puffy sleeves and long white gloves. She looked around nervously, and I gasped as I heard the opening piano notes. No, it couldn’t be. She raised the microphone and began to sing in a strong Spanish accent. “At first I was afraid, I was petrified….” It was, and I couldn’t stop laughing. This was Cienfuegos, and this was not what I had expected.

Practicalities in Cuba: Queueing, Money, and Internet

The first few days I was in Cuba I spent not just sightseeing, but also just learning the ropes, the basic knowledge needed for traveling in this country. The things that are normally quite easy when we’re abroad, like simply getting money or connecting to wifi, are just not that simple in Cuba. So here’s your ultimate guide to the practicalities in Cuba.